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COMPANY PROFILE Acepex Management Corporation (ACEPEX) is a leading  maintenance, repair, operations, and services company dedicated to  providing superior quality to our customers in both government and  private sectors. Since its inception, ACEPEX has consistently upheld  its outstanding reputation for quality, timeliness, and innovation at  fair and reasonable prices. Our Commitment to Excellence operating  philosophy integrates customer satisfaction, safety and  environmental awareness, dedication to partnering, technological  innovation, open management, and appreciation for employee  contributions. ACEPEX operates and maintains facilities throughout  the continental United States earning unanimous praise from our  clients.     Incorporated in 1989, ACEPEX is recognized by the Small Business  Administration as a certified small disadvantaged business in North  America. In Guam and Hawaii, we are certified by the SBA Regional  Offices as a small disadvantaged general construction contractor. ACEPEX is operated under North American Industry  Classification System (NAICS) codes: 561720-Custodial/Janitorial Services, 235110-Mechanical and Building  Operations Maintenance, 561210-Military Family Housing Maintenance, and 233320-General Contractors. We have  been issued a SECRET security clearance by the Defense Investigative Service. ACEPEX uses an innovative Contract  Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS) to provide a complete management and historical database of  all operations within the scope of any contract. The Acepex Information Management Systems (AIMS) is a customizable  information system developed in-house using Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that can provide intricate  and detailed reports and queries to our customers. The system involves several separately linked relational databases  providing for total management and tracking of assets, production, change of occupancy maintenance,  appliance/equipment service calls, Indefinite Quantity Work, and all aspects of inventory management.       The Corporate Office located in Montclair, California is structured to provide a wide range of support and to do so  rapidly with a high speed internet connection to the corporate intranet, ensuring that our on-site Project Managers,  Supervisors, and Customers are within easy reach anywhere around the globe. Our home office is staffed to provide  personnel and payroll administration, purchasing and logistics, technical research, contract administration and  invoicing, regulatory compliance, quality control, safety guidance and research, environmental standards, and  Information Systems technical support. ACEPEX has consistently stayed abreast of trends, quality innovations, and  standards within the industry. 
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